Some People Claim That Mackeeper Is A Virus

If you have been paying close attention to some of the threads on the popular Mac related forums online such as MacWorld and others, then no doubt you will have come across some people claim that Mackeeper is a virus, or that it tends to create annoying pop-up ads.

You can choose to either believe this or not, but personally speaking I prefer to test these things out for myself and not just follow the crowd. So as it happens when I read some of these comments, I felt compelled to purchase a yearly licence from Kromtech using the best mackeeper promo code I could find online, and with a little bit of research I began to understand exactly just what this software application could do.

To put it simply, Mackeeper is a combination of a cleanup and antivirus software which is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Some people may argue that many of its mini applications can be downloaded for free, yet speaking from experience I can clearly is that this is the biggest waste of time if you choose to go this route. Why? Because you waste more time updating, removing, and replacing these free apps, than had you paid the paltry $70 or so for the yearly premium Mackeeper licence!

Besides its shredder, data encryptor, files compression, and geek on demand options which are mind blowing to say the least, Mackeeper has 12 other main features that when combined together make this the ultimate all in one solution software for your Mac.

If you need to quickly cleanup your computer and free up space or RAM for other needs then we can go on record as saying that there is no better option than Mackeeper. These are entirely our words, and do not originate from anywhere else, but our word is our honour, and when we say this we genuinely mean it.

Have you ever worried about your Mac being stolen and along with it all the hard work that you have worked tirelessly on for the last several months? Well don’t worry, you’re not alone – we have too! And for that reason when we discovered that Mackeeper came complete with and antitheft solution the outcome was always inevitable. We simply have to purchase it for this feature alone!

The antitheft function can be utilised in the event that your Mac has been stolen or misplaced. To use it simply log onto the official Mackeeper store using the username and passwords that were generated for you on purchasing the program in the first place, and once you are logged in you can then track precisely where your Mac is just as you would using a similar app designed for more well forms known as find my phone and others.

You can pinpoint precisely where your Mac is so long as it is timed on and connected to an Internet connection. While this may sound a bit far-fetched, the truth is even if it has been stolen, the chances that a thief will connect to the Internet in this day and age highly likely, and once they have done so you can even use your Mac’s inbuilt camera to take a picture of the perpetrator which you can then forward onto the local authorities in your area. We cannot stress highly enough that you should not take matters into your own hands and go knocking on someone’s door, even if you are 100% sure that is then that is stolen your Mac, since this is a job for the police in your area. All you need to do is visit the official Mackeeper website and passed the information on in the hope that the thief will be caught. Of course, the best option is that you secure your Mac whenever you are not near it to prevent it from being stolen in the first place!

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