Reborn Baby Dolls Complete With Magnetic Pacifier

Some reborn baby dolls come complete with a magnetic pacifier which is designed to stay firmly in the figurines mouth. By firmly, we mean that it is possible to remove it, but if required, its just as easy to replace it when you need. The pacifier simply seems to just suck back in due to the magnetic force. Our latest silicone baby doll has this feature as well as a magnetic bow on her hair which stops it from getting lost when we move about.

Lately we have begun to think about becoming a reborn doll creator. Market studies show that there is a growing demand for these dolls and with prices ranging from $100 to more than $3000 it has certainly tickles our interests. We wouldn’t be interested in creating reborn baby dolls only for the fact that we have some prior history in making silicone babies and a degree in this field. Although there are some famous names such as Rhondda Cox who is actually one of our favourite reborners, and companies such as LA newborn, JC toys and others who produce these amazingly creative models, we feel that we have the general know-how and capabilities to not only replicate what they are already doing but to produce a far more superior doll. I guess the proof is in the pudding is as hopefully within the next few months you will see the first of our designs fit the market.

It seems that Christmas time is the most popular time for people to buy silicone babies, what with the hustle and bustle of organising presents for your family and loved ones. It’s no secret that silicone babies make an ideal Christmas present, even if it is only to yourself. If you have a little girl in the house then they are sure to be overjoyed should you present them with their very own reborn baby doll. Every little girl loves to give into their maternal instincts, and treating and looking after one of these special little creations will undoubtedly bring the joy and satisfaction that you wish to dolls upon them.

But where can you buy silicone babies we hear you ask? Well there is plenty of information to be found simply by doing a search online, or you could get to your local toy store or even to one of the biggest online retailers – Amazon.

If you do decide to check out these silicone baby dolls but ultimately decide that they are not for you then perhaps porcelain dolls might interest you instead. Unlike silicone babies they are not designed to look and feel exactly like a genuine lifelike baby doll, but instead they have the most interesting and cutest little features that you are likely to see on any doll apart from a reborn.

Personally speaking we prefer silicone baby dolls over any other, but porcelain dolls have been hugely popular for many decades now. The choice is ultimately yours but we were due to compare and contrast both in order to know exactly what is best for your situation.

Trying to replace a real-life baby with a reborn doll is simply out of the question. They are as authentic looking as you can get, but they are never going to be able to replace the real thing itself and you should not purchase one if you are thinking in this way. Amazing craftsmanship combined with a lot of hard work and passion obviously goes into creating them and it is this which appeals to the masses who purchase silicone babies online but you would be amazed at just how serious some people seem to take this hobby. Repeat after me, silicone babies are not real!

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