Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic amber teething necklaces are one of the prettiest things I have ever seen in my life. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful and pleasing on the eye, but they also claim to work on treating teething pain in babies.

The neck places are designed to be worn around the neck as you might expect, but with this comes the risk of your child choking on the small pieces contained within it. This should not be a concern of yours however since every precaution is taken to ensure that your child will not choke on any small piece by double-knotting each piece of amber to the string. In this way if the amber teething necklace breaks, only one or perhaps two pieces of amber will fall off. Furthermore, it is designed to operate by using a clasp on the back of the necklace and when too much tension is placed on it, the class will open preventing your child from suffocating or strangling themselves if they get it caught on something. Since the necklace is only approximately 12.5 inches long the chances of your child catching it on something quite slim anyway.

Round smooth amber, dark or even light coloured beads are used to decorate the jewellery. Light coloured amber is quite rare and if you get any of these coloured pieces on your neck lace you can count yourself quite lucky since these are considered to have extra healing power than any other colour.

If you are planning to buy an amber teething neck lace then you should ensure that it comes complete with a correct certification to show that it has been independently tested in a lab and that it is in fact genuine amber and not like so many of the other replicas being sold online.

Genuine Baltic Amber dates back almost 44,000,000 years and is only found in the Baltic region of Eastern Europe. Testing the Amber can be done yourself with the correct tools, but you can always send your neck lace away to a person specialised in this field if you feel that you have been sold a fake. The shipping costs for this should be quite small since there is not a lot of weight in the Amber itself.

While there is no genuine scientific proof that amber teething necklaces actually work, many parents who are frustrated and tired of their child’s constant crying due to their teething problems often opts to take the chance and see if they can do anything to help alleviate their child’s pain.

The beads themselves are not designed to be chewed, although this is what we originally believed when we first read about them. In fact you are supposed to simply place the jewellery around your child’s neck when you have them in your supervision and never went unattended and the beads are then supposed to emit some sort of natural healing element which is then absorbed through your child’s skin.

If you are planning on purchasing or even viewing some of the amber teething neck places for sale online, then always keep in mind that just like pearls Amber is also very soft and prone to damage. You should handle and treat the jewellery with care to avoid damaging it, and although they are quite cheap and can be picked up for as little as $15, you don’t want to have to do constantly be purchasing and replacing your amber teething neck lace since your child will almost undoubtedly become attached to it and begin to cry even more without it!

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