Buying Marijuana Seeds Online - Sketchy?

Although it may sound risky buying marijuana seeds online is nowhere near as sketchy as you would imagine. Yes there have been cases where people have not received their seeds, but this is often down to strict customs laws in their country where their precious products are seized at the border. To counter this problem many of the marijuana seed banks online ship their precious Indica and sativa genetics in discreet packaging such as in CD or DVD cases.

Often times you will find that it is the less established marijuana seed banks who end up getting your products ease of the border. When you order from a trusted marijuana seed bank, the chances of you receiving your product in good faith significantly increase, since they have repeated this process thousands of times.

In the event that your cannabis seeds are seized at the border by customs, there is no need to worry since the very most that they will do is send you out a letter stating that they have seized your weed seeds. They won’t come knocking at your house demanding to know what you intended to do with them if that’s what you’re worrying about.

Whether you are using regular or feminised cannabis seeds for your grow, one thing is for sure, once you germinate your seeds you need to add here to do a strict regime giving them the proper care and attention that they need in order to have a successful harvest time. Simply allowing your plans to grow unattended will not deliver the desired results, and if you are using regular marijuana seeds you will have to pay particular attention that any males are removed from the grow room so that you do not end up pollinating the fertile female’s buds.

As if all that wasn’t enough to worry about, you also have to consider using the appropriate lighting so that your marijuana receives the light that it would naturally receive had of being grown in its natural environment outdoors. There are two separate lighting issues to worry about here. The first is that one particular light such as an LED light needs to be used during the vegetation stage, and the second is that once you switch delighting to 12/12 cycle the plant will then need a different form of light which can be delivered through powerful metal halide bulbs.

While many use marijuana for its recreational qualities, the medicinal aspect is also one that needs considerable thought if you are choosing medical marijuana seeds to help alleviate symptoms such as glaucoma, nausea, treating a lack of appetite, or even for relieving the pain of chemotherapy. If you are choosing a medical marijuana strain for any of these are closely related reasons, then the best strain to choose is an Indica version which delivers a strong sedative-like feeling which is often described as being “stoned”.

Not everybody likes to smoke marijuana in a joint, since the tobacco can have adverse effects on the lungs. For this reason, and since we fall into the bracket which we speak of, we prefer to use a vaporiser to smoke our cannabis through. Our preferred choice of vaporiser is the Volcano vaporiser. Although there are order cannabis vaporisers on the market, we have tried and tested just about every other version there is, and truth being told nothing quite comes close to the soothing effect that smoking marijuana through a Volcano vaporiser delivers. If you are planning on purchasing a vaporiser then perhaps you should take into account that these are not cheap and a good one such as the Volcano can set you back upwards of $200.

Before you even consider using a vaporiser or anything else you are going to need to get some marijuana from somewhere. You can either choose to purchase it from your local street dealer, or if you wish to avoid the risk of being caught during a transaction between you and the drug dealer then you can considered growing your own instead.

In some states in the USA you are legally allowed to grow a few plants for personal use. This can be done either indoors or outdoors, and there are guides to be found online that described in great detail how this process is done for each environment. Our personal choice of preference is marijuana grown outdoors since it seems to have a unique taste like nothing you will ever experience if you choose the option of growing weed indoors instead.

You will need to buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank, and there is no better option than the list of trusted cannabis seed banks available at Marijuanaseedsavings.

Whether it is Low Ryder, AK 49, super skunk or white widow that you intend to grow, marijuanaseedsavings explain in great detail precisely where to buy these prized cannabis genetics. Personally we prefer to go for proven cannabis cup winners, and last year our outdoor grow consisted entirely of the popular cannabis cup winner liberty haze. In the past we have also grown Cinderella 99, purple haze, Northern lights and big bud all with great success. We wish you the best of luck on your cannabis growing experience!

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