Bowling Is Played In The Mind

Bowling is a game that is played as much in the mind as it is in the bowling alley. You need to have strong concentration skills if you wish to hit a series of successful strikes and learning to relax your thumb at the point of release is pivotal to the success of your game.

Knowing what to do with your thumb is particularly important if you are hoping to hook the ball. To successfully hook the ball you must ensure that your thumb is the first of your digit to leave the bowling ball and that your remaining two fingers control the overall hook of the ball. By practising this process over and over again you will perfect the art of booking your bowling ball in the direction that you wish while perfecting the lift, rotation and overall accuracy of your strike.

You can’t simply turn up at a bowling alley in your normal trainers. You should already know this, yet you would be surprised at just how many people think that they are going to be allowed to play this amazing game in their normal footwear. Instead you should wear bowling shoes which are designed so that they do not leave any scuff marks on the polished alley while protecting your feet in the event that you drop one of the heavy balls on them. While you can read the bowling shoes this is not really ideal and the chances are that hundreds of people have worn them before you and they will most likely leave you with a horrible feeling, or worse – a verruca!

Once you have the right shoes you can then begin to work on perfecting your game. The perfect game is when you get 12 strikes in a row and since this is the maximum that you can get then the maximum score possible is 300.

You may think that this is quite an easy feat, especially if you begin to rack two or three strikes up in a row, but you could not be further from the truth. In fact, to successfully complete 12 strikes in a row you need to be consistently working on your bowling swing and particularly on your grip of the bowling ball.

There are three main grips which are used within bowling, but the most popular and easiest to use is the “conventional” grip. This is the easiest way to bowl and simply involves bowling the ball down the alley in a straight line. Others are used for hooking the ball in the direction that you want and can be used to hit some tricky pin positions.

If you do need to hook your ball but you are only used to using the conventional grip then don’t worry since you can even perform this task even if you are only using a cheap plastic bowling ball. Although plastic balls are not exactly designed for the task you can make them hook in the direction you want if you exert a little force on them. You would not want to be relying on this part of your game unless you decide to purchase the more expensive ball that is suited to the task.

The best way to describe how the ball hooks is to say that when you first release it and it begins to grip the oiled lane, the slight rotation that you place on the ball will not be able to catch up with the linear velocity thus causing it to spin back in the opposite direction and causing to where you wanted to go. Confused? We thought so! However this is not as difficult as it seems, and with a little practice even a child can get used to how much spin they should put on the ball.

If you ever so slightly release the ball in a counter-clockwise direction then you will notice a moderate hook from left to right. By releasing it in a clockwise direction it will produce the opposite effect and bend it from right to left. Many cheap bowling balls do not seem to have the desired effect in terms of either their hocking ability or the impact that they create when they strike the bowling pins and for this reason as you torn from amateur to professional you may find yourself looking to purchase a new bowling ball or two to match the growing needs of your game.

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